We are a new, dynamically developing company. The company was founded in June 2013 in response to the observed changes occurring in business processes. In fact, more and more businesses strive to achieve a competitive advantage in the area of their operations, aiming for optimal use of own resources, and focussing primarily on core processes (Manufacturing/ Services), any auxiliary processes are entrusted to third parties. 
Our business model is based on providing outsourcing services in the design and sale of plastic parts, metal parts and other products manufactured by our production partners. Recent research carried out on the product quality indicates that up to 80% of quality problems may be eliminated at the design and development stage. This is why, we offer our clients not only our products, but also our knowledge, experience and full involvement in every project, which we take on.


For MS-PROGRESS, we are aware that quality is the goal which serves to achieve our aims. Our clients set the goals, which the people working in our team with their knowledge, experience and passion are able to achieve. We believe, through implementing and constantly applying the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, that we can ensure:
  • the satisfaction of our customers in domestic and international markets;
  • increase the satisfaction of our employees;
  • achieve the long-term development of our company.


'Teamwork is the foundation of our long-term success' - Ned C. Lautenbach. This conviction lies deep in the consciousness of every member of our team. We are aware that this is not only an inter-disciplinary approach to the projects taken on by us, but also the establishment of relationships with our business partners, where in this context 'team' also means a partnership in a client-supplier relationship and one, that is based on mutual benefit. Our experience has been gained by individual team members who have worked in various positions in international automotive companies. We focus on the continuous development of our personnel developing our theoretical knowledge, through training and attending conferences, in which we participate, as well as the practical knowledge gained every day through the progression of new projects for our clients.